What we value - Community, Transparency, Education and Drive Change

Written by Carly Simon-Gersuk

MoveCU aims to connect credit unions with the next generation of borrowers. Our values benefit both the customer and credit union by uniting the industry and becoming the singular online brand to connect the two. While we integrate many values in running the company to achieve our mission, our core values are community, transparency, education and driving change.

Community - Proudly serving our customers collaboratively and selflessly in the pursuit of our mission.

Like our partners, credit unions, we are community driven. We move toward action and collaboration by working openly and cross-functionally. Community enables us to build relationships, figure things out, and win as a team. Our community of credit unions empowers us to provide our customers access to the highest quality and most affordable financial services available. Our community of customers work with us to increase our outreach and improve financial literacy. Working together with our larger community we are helping customers create financial ease.

Transparency - We empower growth and development as we share information, share mistakes, and share victories.

We honor complete visibility into our successes and sometimes failures. As we grow and scale, our honesty and vulnerability enables us to collaborate and work towards our mission and common goals. Our transparency motivates growth by sharing information on performance and responsibilities. Learning from each other and communicating openly increases the trust and loyalty we foster through our online platform.

Educate - We provide a foundation for better ways to invest in your finances, your community and yourself.

Financial education is absent in our general education systems and too few people have a strong understanding of their own finances. We commit to increasing learners’ financial literacy, and motivation, to save and invest in their futures. This education includes, but is not limited to, helping customers understand and practice basics such as budgeting, spending and saving; the financial market; and differences in financial institutions. We aim to provide the guidance for our community to establish financial security and independence.

Drive Change - We consistently push innovation and go beyond delivering what works.

We push innovation within our product and within ourselves. There is always a better way, and we want to ensure the easiest and safest approach for both credit unions and customers. By consistently learning and creating new standards for fintechs, we drive change in the online marketplace by maintaining and evolving our platform to meet the needs of borrowers today and tomorrow.


Written by Carly Simon-Gersuk