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What are your credit card goals?

Save on interest If you aren't interested in perks like miles or cash back and just want to save, a low interest focused card can make that happen.
Earn points, miles or travel perks If you want to use your card to earn points, hotel stays, sky miles or other travel perks, a rewards card might be your best plan of action.
Get cash back If the idea of getting cash back on what you spend seems right for you, a cash back card might be a good option for you.
Build or establish credit If your credit isn't spectacular, or doesn't exist yet, that's okay. There are cards for you too - with rates that are lower than the big banks on average.

Same cards as the banks, with better interest

VISA®, Mastercard®, Discover®, etc. Credit union credit cards have got it all. But instead of high interest rates, MoveCU gets you not for profit credit union rates so you can spend more on life, and less on interest.

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Looking at our offers won't hurt your credit score.

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New London, New Hampshire
“I found the right credit card using MoveCU. I will go to them in the future before searching on my own again. Perfect place to compare rates and credit unions. Ended up at a credit union that is right in my neighborhood and the credit card I got has a way better rate than what I had through Chase.”
Indianapolis, IN
“The application process was very fast and very simple. Received my loan very quickly. (Less than a week.) Would recommend to anyone needing to consolidate credit cards or who wants to compare cards.”
Onalaska, WI
“I have 'good' credit and wanted to pay off the credit cards I have with a better rate credit card as I work toward 'excellent' credit. They showed me different options. I was able to select the best option for me, apply online and was notified I was approved within a couple of days. I really liked that I didn’t have to take time off work to go to a bank or loan company and apply in person.”
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Common questions

We've put together some common questions and queries related to credit cards and MoveCU just for you. Take a look:

Will applying for a credit card through MoveCU affect my credit?

To simply check the rates and terms you qualify for, MoveCU utilizes a "soft" credit pull. This type of pull does NOT affect your credit score. So look all you want if you are curious to see what rates and cards you are eligible for through MoveCU! However, if you do choose to move forward after finding a credit card you like, there will be a hard credit pull, which is done any time you request a loan of any type from any financial institution.

What is the difference between a credit union credit card and a "big bank" credit card?

Generally? Interest rates and perks. On average, credit unions offer lower rates and more perks than the big banks. However, card types like rewards cards, low interest cards and brands like Visa®, Discover®, MasterCard®, and American Express®? That's all the same.

How do I know I'm getting the best rate?

At MoveCU, we take your personal information, and using the rates and qualifications of credit unions around the nation, find you the lowest rates and best terms available to you. No preferential treatment is given to any one credit union. We strictly base it off your eligibility and what will save YOU the most money.

Will I be able to compare multiple credit cards?

YES! After you provide us with your basic information using our form, we will pull the best credit card rates and types YOU qualify for. That way you can compare, contrast, and find the best fit for your specific wants and needs - while knowing you already qualify.

How is MoveCU different than a lending comparison website?

Multiple ways. First, we ONLY work with credit unions. Second, unlike lending comparison sites who take your information, submit it to multiple lenders and then hit you over the head with thousands of phone calls from lenders, we take your information, show you loans YOU qualify for, and then allow you to complete the ENTIRE application process in minutes on our website. No waiting. No third parties. No lender phone calls. No fees or cost to you. Just quick and easy lending, all done through MoveCU.

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