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How to know if it’s time to refinance

You should refinance if:

Your credit score has improved

With a better credit score, it’s likely you’ll qualify for a better financing deal, which can save you quite a bit on interest over the life of your loan.

You want a better loan rate

Loan rates are great now – but that doesn’t mean they were when you first got your car or were with the institution you financed with. Refinancing is a great way to save.

You want to change your loan term

If you want to lower your monthly payment by not just decreasing the rate, but by extending the term, refinancing is a good option.

You don’t like your current lender

If you aren’t a fan of your current lender, refinancing your auto loan with a credit union is a good way to make a change.

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Pensacola, FL
“I tried MoveCU and got a quote that seemed “too good to be true,” so I called around a couple of local companies. They couldn’t compete with the quote I was getting, so I decided to give it a shot. MoveCU was great! Would use them again.”
Detroit, MI
“The rate I received from Move CU was almost half of what I was paying on the car loan I had. It saved me over $150 on my monthly payment, and they took care of transferring everything. Would definitely recommend MoveCU.”
West Hartford, CT
“Great resource for comparing rates/terms from different credit unions. Can fill out an application immediately from the website after you get offers without any delay or waiting. Professional and you get to make the choice. Highly recommend.”

Common questions

We’ve put together some common questions and queries related to auto refinance and MoveCU just for you. Take a look:

Will applying to refinance my vehicle through MoveCU affect my credit?

To simply check the rates and terms you qualify for, MoveCU utilizes a "soft" credit pull. This type of pull does NOT affect your credit score. So look all you want if you are curious to see what rates and terms you are eligible for through MoveCU! However, if you do choose to move forward after finding a loan you like, there will be a hard credit pull, which is done any time you request a loan of any type from any financial institution.

What do I have to do to transfer my auto loan to the new loan?

All you have to do is fill out the application and upload the requested documents on our website. We will take care of the rest FOR you, including paying off your old lender and retitling your car. No calling your old lender. No trips to the DMV. Our goal at MoveCU is always to make it easy for you, and our auto loan refinancing is no exception.

How long will it take for my old loan to transfer to the new rate?

Though we would like this process to be immediate, it does take a little bit of time to transfer the paperwork and vehicle titles from your former institution to your new credit union. However, this process shouldn't take more than a few days.

Does MoveCU charge any fees?

MoveCU does not charge an application fee or service fee of any sort and there is no obligation if you request to see our rates. Our service is free to all applicants. However, each state imposes their own title trasfer fee, so there may be a fee related to that depending on which state you reside in. However, this fee is charged by your state, not MoveCU. We will pay the fee for you and integrate it into your final loan amount.

What will I need to refinance my auto loan?

Each lender has different requirements, but for the majority, you will be asked for your driver's license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance - all of which can easily and efficiently be uploaded to our application via our document uploader.

Read more on our FAQ page.

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