Five Financial Literacy Organizations You Should Know About

Written by Carly Simon-Gersuk

For many people, the topic of personal finances is confusing and overwhelming. With the vast array of free tools, such as online resources, books, and podcasts, it is hard to get through all the information; let alone know where to start.

Fortunately, there are several organizations that work with individuals and communities to provide them with the knowledge and resources they need to know. From financial services to loans, knowing some basic financial education is handy.

While there are many financial literacy organizations in the United States, here are five we think you should know about.

1.Operation Hope

Founded in 1992, Operation Hope focuses on empowering underserved communities through education. There is a need for equal access to resources and this nonprofit organization equips individuals and communities with the financial tools they need to secure a better future through financial independence. The organization partners with financial institutions, corporations, agencies, and community organizations to offer various programs such as credit and money management, small business development, youth financial literacy, and financial disaster recovery.


MoneyThink provides financial coaching to students nationwide. Founded in 2008 by a group of college students, their programs provide mentorship to high school and college freshmen by sending trained college students to help them understand and develop financial skills. With resources from financial institutions, corporations, and foundations - just to name a few - MoneyThink teaches about saving, budgeting, and the importance of financial planning for college and beyond.


With more than 150 corporate, academic, nonprofit and government organizations working as one coalition, Jump$tart provides financial literacy programs to youth and their families. Founded in 1995, they develop strategic plans to improve the quality and extent of curriculum for personal finance education. Their programs provide advocacy, research, standards, and educational resources from pre-kindergarten through college.


Clearpoint is part of Money Management International, a nonprofit organization. This organization helps people identify the causes of their financial concerns and make a plan to address them. Their full-service credit counseling model is based on teaching people how to manage their money better through budgeting, understanding credit, learning how to set financial goals, prioritizing debt repayments and making effective financial decisions.

5.National Foundation for Credit Counseling

With services ranging from debt management to budgeting, NFCC is the nation’s largest nonprofit financial counseling organization. They aim to ensure that credit counselors conform to a certain set of standards to help individuals overcome their money issues and concerns. Their counselor certification is for nonprofit credit counselors employed by one of their member agencies. Their services assist people as they reach their financial goals, and they provide resources for people who are unable to pay - they believe no consumer should be turned away.


Written by Carly Simon-Gersuk