Four Ways To Earn Extra Money From Home

Written by Carly Simon-Gersuk

Do you find yourself at home looking for something to do? Maybe the weather outside is keeping you in, or you have finished binging shows on Netflix. Maybe you are looking for a little side hustle, or you are not working at all. Either way, have you considered that you can earn some extra money from the comfort of your couch?

Whether you are looking to earn some extra income or for a job where you can choose your hours, there are various ways you can earn extra money from home. When you type into your search engine, “Ways to make extra cash” hundreds of articles will come up, but make sure to read the fine print on some of the websites. What we have seen is that some websites offer to pay you with gift cards, like Amazon, and you have to spend months to earn upwards of $100. While gift-cards may be ideal if you frequently shop at those places, if you are looking for a check with your name on it, look carefully.

Here is a list of 4 ways to earn extra money from home that we found to be the most practical.

1.Sell your words - writing, blogging, reviewing

You provide insight; you have a story to tell. Sharing your words, whether as a blog or review, will help guide people. Blogs are a lot of work, and keeping up the effort to write can lead to growth in your blog popularity and opportunities. For instance, a well trafficked blog can allow you to utilize sponsorships or affiliate marketing. These tracking links for products you review or support earn you commission when readers buy from the link from your page. Similar to sponsored posts, you can also make money by writing reviews on your site.

2.Online Surveys and Focus Groups

If you want to share your opinion but not through a blog or other reviewing site, a focus group or online surveys may be a better choice. Both surveys and focus groups are normally used for market research for new or existing products. You could answer questions and discuss things such as branding, usability, ideas, experiments, and much more. While sites like SwagBucks have thousands of online surveys to take, you may not qualify for surveys and it may take months to earn upwards of $100. There are sites like that you can sign up for free and they will pair your interests with companies. Whether you have to read, watch or try something, the companies will send you the information or product you need to best share your thoughts.


There is always a need for tutors and educational help. Especially today with everyone in their own homes, online tutoring will have a higher demand. There are already websites you can sign up for to use their online tutoring space, like Or you can set up your own tutoring gigs using virtual chat platforms, such as Zoom or Skype. Whether you are proficient or just interested in science, math, language or arts, there are various levels and ways to earn extra cash. You can also teach multiple subjects. You can dictate your own schedule and how many hours you would like to teach, as well as how many individuals (children or adults).

4.Online marketplace - sell your unwanted items or artisan shop

Of all the ways of making money online, the online marketplace is perhaps one of the easiest to understand and get started with. It is time to declutter; to give away items you have not touched in months. Or maybe you have picked up a craft in your spare time and would like to sell you handmade crafts. Looking to make some extra cash, post these items for free on sites like Craigslist, FaceBook Marketplace, and Etsy. There are also online auction sites, which some charge fees to post and sell, but that may reach a larger customer base.


Written by Carly Simon-Gersuk