Three Factors That Contribute to the Next Generation of Borrowers Financial Decisions

Written by Carly Simon-Gersuk

As an online based fintech, we are not geared toward just millennials. Our one mission is to connect credit unions with the next generation of borrowers. We believe that the next generation of borrowers is anyone who needs and gets a loan regardless of age, household income, and other socio-economic statuses; whether a 26-year-old is taking out a personal loan, or a 50-year-old is taking out an auto loan.

While our clients come from various backgrounds, we find that the next generation of borrowers make financial decisions similarly based on transparency, control, and flexibility. These three factors contribute to equity from borrower to borrower as resources are distributed equitably.


Transparency enables borrowers to make better-informed decisions about their finances. Transparency begins with borrower education and understanding of the process, such as what they need, why, what it will cost them, and more. With our process, there are no hidden or surprise fees. Our formula tells borrowers what they get and how much it cost. From the beginning, being clear about financial literacy and the loan process will lead to higher yield profitable loans. Furthermore, transparency creates trust. The next generation of borrowers wants to trust who they bank with, so from start to finish being open with borrowers will lead them to feel more secure and open to the available financial assistance.


Making it easy to understand loan terms, transparency for the next generation of borrowers also leads to better control. Borrowers like to be proactive and engaged in processes, especially when it comes to their personal needs. More so, borrowers want more control over their payments and tools that let them easily see what happens as they make their payments. They want to know how one large payment or paying more each month will impact the loan’s length, term, and future payments. Allowing the borrowers to have a sense of control will lead to their increase in confidence and comfort with their decisions.


Flexibility, along with control, gives borrowers the ability to own their funds. They can budget based on their needs and alter distributions and payments if needed. Even more so, to meet a need of the next generation of borrowers, our industry through financial technology is quickly evolving and rededicating itself to the digital age which allows for more personalized service. With boosts in digital and mobile banking, software enables access to anyone with a phone, tablet, or laptop. Our online services are quick, easy and secure.

Our software and business development services are continuously evolving to meet the needs of lenders and borrowers. As the nation’s first credit union marketplace, our platform helps consumers find the best-priced financial products using the latest technologies. Our platform provides transparency, control, and flexibility as borrowers are given various options for their loan. Fast, direct, and easy to use, MoveCU ensures access to money is simple, safe, and secure.


Written by Carly Simon-Gersuk