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Credit Union Average

2.85% APR*

Bank Average

5.09% APR*

It’s a fact. credit unions have lower rates on average than large banks by 40%. Why go to a bank when you can shop from our network of credit unions? Our process doesn’t even damage your credit. Find the institution that works and get driving today.
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We don’t damage your credit

Our technology takes your credit application and returns the best results across our entire network of lenders. But, will this damage my credit since I’m applying for more than one credit union? Our process does not affect your credit score at all. We do everything to ensure the security and integrity of our customer from start to finish. Not only do we keep your credit score where it needs to be, but our application takes less than two minutes to fill out. How long does it take to review your results? Well, that happens in under half a second.


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Join the movement

Look it up. Credit unions have been around for more than 100 years. They are fundamentally different than a bank, even though they offer the same financial services. Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives owned by their members. This means they provide better rates and charge fewer and lower fees. Even the personal service is, well, more personal, since the credit union employee is typically a member just like you. It truly is “people helping people.”


The NCUA federally insures your money just like a bank.


Credit union membership represents a third of the US.


The credit union industry is extremely stable and safe.

30,000+ ATMS

Co-op’s nationwide ATM network is expansive.