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We are the nation’s cheapest online financial service marketplace, facilitating auto loans, personal loans and credit cards. Borrowers receive instant approvals throughout our entire lending network through a simple user interface. MoveCU operates fully online allowing our users to access the credit union industry from any computer or mobile device. We’re transforming the credit union industry into a frictionless, transparent and highly efficient digital marketplace, to give consumers immediate access to the lowest loan rates in the nation.


The credit union marketplace

We provide our credit union clients industry leading technology to compete and succeed in today’s digital age. We acquire the lead, pull credit, decision the credit file to your exact lending criteria, help manage the customer relationship, facilitate e-docs, ID and income verification. We are THE online loan origination marketplace for credit unions.

    • Auto
    • Personal
    • Credit Cards
    • Student
    • Specialty


    • Checking
    • Savings


    • We pull the consumers credit and match their file directly to your lending criteria.

    Credit Pull

    • We integrate into all loan origination systems to provide a seamless consumer experience.


    • Access millions of people per month through our broad affiliate network.


    • We allow consumers to interact with your brand through mobile, tablet, and PC.

    Multi Screen

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